2019 - Agendas, Minutes, Police and Councillor Reports

Calendar Year 2019

January             HCC Cllr Report   (No Police Report Submitted)  Agenda   Minutes

February            HCC Cllr Report   Police Report   Agenda   Minutes

March                 HCC Cllr Report   (No Police Report Submitted)   Agenda   Minutes

April                    HCC Cllr Report   (No Police Report Submitted)   Agenda    Minutes

May                     PC Agenda      PC Minutes         APA Agenda

June                    PC Agenda  Parish Council Minutes for June 2019 NO HCC COUNCILLOR REPORT FOR JUNE 2019

July                     HCC Councillor Report for July 2019    Parish Council Agenda for July 2019  Parish Council Minutes of 3rd July 2019

August               NO MEETING HELD IN AUGUST 2019

September        PC Agenda for September 2019  MINUTES FOR SEP 2019  NO HCC COUNCILLOR REPORT FOR SEPEMBER 2019

October             PC Agenda for October 2019    Minutes for October 2019    HCC Councillor Report for October 2019

November         PC Agenda November 2019 Minutes November 2019   HCC Councillor Report November 2019 Police Report November 2019

December         PC Agenda for December 2019    Minutes for December 2019  HCC Councillor Report for December 2019