Budgets, Accounts, Audit, Precept and Council Tax

The Council tax that you pay is broadly speaking made up of three components, each formed from the cost of the relevant services. Thus Hampshire County Council provides certain services, such as Education and non-Trunk roads, Winchester City Council (the District Council) provide certain other services, such as waste collection and subsidised transport, and the Parish Council (the Local Council) provide local services such as managing allotments, street lighting and maintenance of open spaces.

Each of these service providers charge for their services, and each have a corresponding component in the Council Tax bill that we all receive - this would typically be something like £1500, £275, £75 respectively, and this is collected by Winchester City Council on behalf of all three Councils. The last of these figures is the most important to us because it is set by the Parish Council.

Around December each year, every Parish in the country goes through an exercise of "setting the budget" for the following financial year. This basically means predicting how much money it needs to provide the required services for that year.  Full details below or contact the Clerk/RFO for further explanation.

Budget for 2023 - 2024                         Financial Year ending 31 March 2023                         Notice of conclusion of Audit

Budget for 2022 - 2023                         Financial Year ending 31 March 2022                         Notice of conclusion of Audit

Budget for 2021 - 2022                         Financial Year ending 31 March 2021                         Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Budget for 2020 - 2021                         Financial Year ending 31 March 2020                         Notice of Conclusion of Audit  

Budget for 2019 - 2020                         Financial Year ending 31 March 2019                         Notice of conclusion of Audit

Budget for 2018 - 2019                         Financial Year ending 31 March 2018                         Notice of Conclusion of Audit